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Do Dental Chews Really Work?

While the dental health of our pets is a serious concern, and one that shouldn't be ignored, taking the time to brush yo...

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Why Do Cats Paw Under Bathroom Doors?

You may have found yourself in this scenario at home: you enter the restroom and shut the door behind you, only to see y...

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Why Do Cats Chew on Plastic?

Plastic is a huge part of our lives. We find it in the packaging of pretty much all the products we buy, so it's pretty ...

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Why Is My Cat Whining?

If you're a cat companion, you've likely become quite familiar with the extensive vocabulary of your feline friend. From...

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Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up At The Same Time Every Morning?

Between jobs, household chores, and looking after the family — not to mention recreational pursuits and hobbies — many p...

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Do Cats Need to Be Allowed Outside to Be Happy?

When we welcome pets into our homes, they become such integral parts of our families that it can be easy to forget their...

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What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

Cats are known for a lot of things, but most importantl...

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Golden Retriever In Tulip FieldGolden Retriever In Tulip Field

It's no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of th...

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Africanized BeesAfricanized Bees

Africanized Bees are also known as Africanized Honey Be...

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Tiger Photo by Paul HayesTiger Photo by Paul Hayes

The tiger is a carnivorous mammal species from the feli...

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Are Dogs Empathetic? It Depends On The Individual DogAre Dogs Empathetic? It Depends On The Individual Dog

You may be confident that your dog would save you from ...

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Do Cats Recognize Other Cats?Do Cats Recognize Other Cats?

Cats are very intelligent animals, but they see and und...

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Are Dogs Good for Human Health?Are Dogs Good for Human Health?

Are Dogs Good for Human Health? Here Are the Proven Ben...

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 Baby Calico SnakeBaby Calico Snake

Adults of this species typically have black and red ban...

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Black PantherBlack Panther

A black panther is the melanistic color variant of any ...

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