Dalmatian Puppy

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Dalmatian Puppy

According to the American Kennel Club, the Dalmatian probably did not originate in Dalmatia. However, it is a very old breed, as evidence of spotted dogs is found in sources ranging from ancient Egypt to the European Renaissance. The Dalmatian was historically a true all-rounder, from guard dog, shepherd and draft animal to rattle and hunting dog. His main use, however, was for centuries as a trainer dog, followed by a trainer and horses. Modern Dalmatians maintain good cooperation with horses. Dalmations were mascots of the 19th and early 20th centuries that followed the horse-drawn fire apparatus to the scene of the flame, according to the Dalmatian Club of America.


When choosing a purebred puppy, it is important to know what the dog was originally bred for. Therefore, owners should not be surprised when terriers dig, Border Collies herd and retrievers jump into the pool. Dalmatians were bred as trainer dogs, which means that a dog was bred to walk miles per day. There is not too much exercise for a Dalmatian. Without practice you could end up with a frustrated, destructive Dalmation. He is a wonderful companion for jogging and long walks.


Clever and easy to train, your Dalmatian likes to be where the action is - that's what it's all about. Because he is so active when he often needs to be left alone for professional reasons, you might want to arrange a dog day care. Investing in obedience lessons is a good idea for any breed, but especially for a Dalmatian. He loves to learn and the training creates another connection between you. He wants to be a good dog but may need guidance because he is just so energetic.

Health Problems

Some Dalmatians were born deaf. Because congenital deafness is easily recognizable, you do not have to worry about your puppy. Other puppies, however, are born deaf in one ear, and that's not so obvious. Responsible breeders should perform a hearing test before selling a puppy. A partially deaf-dog can be a good pet, but should not be bred.

Dalmatians tend to excrete high levels of uric acid when peeing, which can cause blisters and kidney stones. Ask your veterinarian about proper nutrition to prevent painful stone formation.


In addition to the eye-catching color pattern you need to know something about the coat of your Dalmatian. No, a bad woman will not steal him for that. Dalmatians spill all year round, so buy lots of brushes and decorate your home so your hair is not visible. Every Dalmatian has a definite number of spots. Dalmatians are either black and white or liver and white.

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