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Can Dogs Recognize Their Own Breed?

We know that dogs can recognize other dogs. But can they recognize another member of their own breed?Many dog owners hav...

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Why Do Dogs Live Such Short Lives?

There is only one downside to dogs: They are not immortal. In fact, they live infuriatingly short lives in the grand sch...

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Does My Dog Know When I'm Lying To Her?

As puppy parents, we have to do what's best for our beloved dog children. Sometimes, this includes lying to them. It hur...

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Can Dogs Tell When They're Being Treated Unfairly?

We give our dogs a pretty darn great existence, but there are still times when we're maybe not totally fair with them. I...

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Why Do Dogs Love Their Owners?

Dogs are our best friends. They are the perfect companions: loyal, happy, non-judgmental and easy on the eyes to boot. S...

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Difference Between An American Rottweiler And A German Rottweiler

If you put two dogs of almost any breed except the Rottweiler side by side, their general shape, or conformation, would ...

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Can Dogs Hold Their Breath?Can Dogs Hold Their Breath?

Have you ever looked at your dog while he lays there, p...

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How Do Dogs Get Parvo?How Do Dogs Get Parvo?

Some dog owners have had the scary experience of their ...

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Should I Brush My Cat's Teeth?Should I Brush My Cat's Teeth?

For many of us, brushing, flossing, and visits to the d...

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What Are The Signs An Indoor Cat Is HappyWhat Are The Signs An Indoor Cat Is Happy

Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, your ...

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10 Super Happy Animals10 Super Happy Animals

These 10 super happy animals will leave you smiling aft...

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Here Are 9 Exotic Pets That Are Actually Legal To Own Here Are 9 Exotic Pets That Are Actually Legal To Own

While we all love cats and dogs, and we can't get enoug...

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 Baby Calico SnakeBaby Calico Snake

Adults of this species typically have black and red ban...

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Black PantherBlack Panther

A black panther is the melanistic color variant of any ...

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Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes, which inclu...

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